Manufacturing Embraces Iot Revolution; Plant Floors Change Dramatically

Thanks to the IoT revolution and how its affecting advanced manufacturing, the stereotype of dark, dingey factories is becoming more and more outdated.

As manufacturing continues to embrace the IoT revolution, modern developments like lower prices and more advanced products coming off of assembly lines will only be expanded upon further. Expect to see yesterday’s stereotypes of workers in hard hats and overalls replaced with tech-gurus at computers, handling machines with a single click of a button, as tech rapidly comes to build a bigger nest for itself within the manufacturing ecosystem.

The Internet of Things is changing the way manufacturing is done, a story in Network World says:

So how exactly is the IoT making business leaders rethink the way they manufacture, and how likely is it that these changes endure in the long-term? A quick review of how manufacturers can exploit the IoT phenomenon that’s quickly coming to shape our lives shows that it’s anything but temporary, and should serve as a warning to those manufacturers who have yet to adopt a 21st century outlook.

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