Manufacturers Congratulate Gov Pritzker for choosing to pay off state’s Unemployment Deficit

TMA Urged Pritzker to Make This the Priority with the 2023 Budget Surplus

SCHAUMBURG, IL – After Governor Pritzker announced the payoff of the $1.345 billion unemployment trust fund deficit, the Technology & Manufacturing Association’s (TMA) President Patrick Osborne released the following statement:

On behalf of small and midsize manufacturers, I recently urged the governor to show he is on the side of Illinois’ job creators and workers by paying off the unemployment trust fund deficit first with the $1.7 billion 2023 budget surplus so our overburdened taxpayers, small businesses, and manufacturers wouldn’t be at risk for tax increases.

Illinois’ manufacturing community is glad to see Governor Pritzker make the fiscally responsible decision to pay off the deficit in full and take steps forward in working to bring all sides together to better our state.

There is a lot we can accomplish if we come to the table, share ideas, and proactively make decisions that put our businesses, manufacturers, and taxpayers first.

TMA’s urging of the governor came after 89% of their membership said they wanted Pritzker to pay off the deficit so manufacturers and taxpayers wouldn’t be hit with significant tax increases.

TMA’s initial call: TMA Urges Governor Pritzker to Pay Off Unemployment Trust Fund Deficit First with 2023 Budget Surplus

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