Industry Week Says Rockford IL #4 In 10 Best Places To Work In Manufacturing

ROCKFORD – Maybe you’d think Chicago would be among the best, but Rockford is #4 of the nation’s 10 best locations to work in manufacturing, Industry Week says. 

And why is the Rockford location so great for the manufacturing workforce?

About 25% of all workers are employed in the sector. After housing costs, the average worker takes home $54,000 each year.

Industry Week is apparently onto something here. The folks pictured at Doug Sosnowski’s Spare Part Solutions (also members of the Technology & Manufacturing Association) look pretty happy with the choice they’ve made to live and work in Rockford.

More about Spare Part Solutions HERE.

And there’s another important TMA member in the Rockford area – Superior Joining, INC. Read about Thom & Teresa Beach-Shelow HERE on TMA Today.