Industry 4.0 Will Usher In A New Way Of Manufacturing

Instincts will be a thing of the past as production technology develops, those in the know are saying. No longer will an order be dependent on gut instinct or human dependability – the cost, the delivery, the quality will be determined by technological data in Industry 4.0.

“Industry 4.0 will change all manufacturing,” Christian Brecher, director of Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, said at the opening session of the Nikkei Asia300 Summi in Singapore this week

Brecher said data-based services are already used in daily life, citing Google Maps as an example. He said that without live data, the online map service only shows major routes between two places. But using live data of current traffic, maps can show optimized traffic routes.

“This is what we can do in manufacturing.” Tracking live data from the manufacturing process and analyzing it in the cloud will create huge gains in productivity, he said. By merging data together with production knowledge, manufacturers will have “the chance to monitor quality in real time.”

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