Illinois’ workers comp policies seriously need revamping, manufacturer says

TMA member Zach Mottl (left in above photo) of Atlas Tool Works tells the Cook County Record Illinois’ workers’ compensation laws need dramatic revamping …

Excessive amounts are paid out for injuries that may have little to do with the workplace, insurance companies are often more than ready to settle rather than fight a claim, and attorneys are aware of the situation, Mottl says.

“This affects every employer in the state,” Mottl told the Cook County Record. “In fact, everyone in the state is impacted. Premiums are driven by the claims, which are very beneficial to the worker, and there is a very low bar.”

Mottl says its not the workers or the employers that benefit the most from the state’s current system – it’s the lawyers.

“We should not have a system mostly beneficial to lawyers, who get a large chunk of the money,” Mottl said. “It is unfairly slanted toward plaintiff lawyers, with a massive amount of money put into political campaigns. They have the thumb on the scales. Lower bar, lower burden of proof, and you do not even have to prove an injury. We all pay, it is a cost to all of us.”

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