Illinois union leading effort to ban non-union shops

CHICAGO – A powerful union in Illinois is pushing to ban non-union shops throughout the state via a constitutional amendment, Crain’s Chicago is reporting today.

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 is working with Democrat lawmakers in Illinois Democrat-controlled General Assembly to squelch non-union shops.

Crain’s Chicago’s Greg Hinz writes:

IUOE specifically wants the Legislature this spring to approve—and send to voters for final action on the November ballot—a proposed constitutional amendment banning right-to-work laws in the state. While political conservatives strongly favor such laws, arguing that workers should not be required to join a union and/or pay dues as a condition of employment, labor groups assert right-to-work laws are an effort to disempower working people.

In his first year as governor, Democrat JB Pritzker signed into law an effort banning local right-to-work efforts. This new effort will put the ban in the state constitution and make it much more difficult to undo.

The right-to-work ban amendment is needed because, after years of “playing defense,” labor “needs to go on the offense,” Local 150 communications director Ed Maher told Greg Hinz.

“Collective bargaining is the rising tide that lifts all boats. Right-to-work laws are a threat.”

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