Illinois Lieutenant Governor Keynotes TMA’s 2017 Graduation

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti was the keynote speaker at TMA’s 2017 Related Theory Graduation.

“For three years, you’ve spent countless evenings away from the comforts of home to learn these skills so you can have a better future – not only for you, but your families,” she told the graduates.

“You didn’t believe in excuses. You didn’t believe in ‘get rich quick’ schemes,” she said. “You understand that to achieve dreams and visions, we must work hard, we must be dedicated, we must be willing to sacrifice – because nothing in life comes easy.”

Sanguinetti said during her and Governor Bruce Rauner’s visits to manufacturing companies throughout Illinois, she learned about the growing urgency in finding a trained workforce.

“Today, I’m looking at a lot of young professionals that can fill that gap. And I’m so proud to be here and welcome you into that incredibly well-qualified and well-paid workforce,” she said.

Sanguinetti recognized TMA for providing training for the next generation of manufacturers. She thanked TMA member companies for sponsoring students and allowing them to further their education – at no cost to the students.

“Programs like this show that when we work collaboratively, we can do so much good for our communities and our great state,” Sanguinetti said.

Before the TMA graduation ceremony, the lieutenant governor privately met with a group representing the Women of TMA, which is chaired by Stacia Hobson, coowner of Image Industries in Huntley, Illinois.

Sanguinetti told the women gathered that Governor Rauner is actively encouraging high schoolers to consider STEM educations that can lead to high-skilled jobs with bright futures.

“Bruce and I are big on that. We want people to find goodpaying jobs to stay in Illinois,” she said.

Mrs. Sanguinetti, an attorney from DuPage County, is the nation’s first female Latino lieutenant governor.

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