IL Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Scrutinizes Property Tax System

The Illinois Primary is March 20, 2018, and one of the most heated topics among both Democrats and Republicans is the state’s controversial property tax system. It’s been the topic of investigative reports in the Chicago Tribune and the topic of numerous editorials around the state.

Over the weekend, one of the six Democrats running to be their party’s gubernatorial nominee said the system is flawed and doesn’t represent traditional Democrat values.

That candidate’s name? Kennedy – one of the late Bobby Kennedy’s sons.

Kennedy said in an interview with the Peoria Journal-Star

This is not the Democratic Party that represents Kennedy values. These are people who are making money off the system as property tax appeals lawyers that’s destroying our ability to educate the next generation of kids in our state. You want economic development? Jobs go to where the highly educated high school and college kids are. You can’t produce highly educated high school kids when you rely on property taxes. Everybody knows that, yet we cling to that system because our leadership is property tax appeals lawyers, and they’re destroying our state.

More in the interview HERE.