How IoT Can Drive A Productivity Revolution In US Manufacturing?

How could the Internet stir a revolution US manufacturing? A story in Network World gives some ideas:

The Internet of Things, which has captured the attention of investors and futurist alike as it continues to reshape our markets and everyday lives, is now generating buzz around a new topic: manufacturing. Business and tech analyst are increasingly coming to realize the boon that the IoT can offer to U.S. manufacturing, a fact the wealthiest companies and savviest innovators are already exploiting.

So how exactly can the IoT drive a productivity revolution in U.S. manufacturing? Is it grand conjecture that’s driving this growing consensus that the IoT will reshape manufacturing, or does this idea have a serious basis of reality? A brief review of the IoT’s impact on U.S. productivity shows just how significantly it can optimize American manufacturing, and how little time we have until all of our production is seamlessly integrated with our internet.

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