Governor Rauner Proclaims Manufacturing Month In Illinois

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner declared October “Manufacturing Month” in Illinois with a proclamation saying,

WHEREAS, manufacturing in Illinois has been the historical bedrock of the state’s economy for nearly two centuries, and

WHEREAS, nearly 12, 507 manufacturing firms call Illinois home and provide employment for more than 572,500 workers, and

WHEREAS, Illinois manufacturers face a graying of the workforce, as more than 25,00 “Baby-Boom” era workers will retire each and every year between now and 2027; and,

WHEREAS, modern advanced manufacturing relies on clearn, well-lit and clim controlled enviornments; provides competitive benefits to every employee including healthcare and retirements plans; and thereby makes manufacturing a worthwhile career choice for all Illinoisans; and,

WHEREAS, specific public events designed to expand general knowledge about the innumerable contribution manufacturing makes to our common good would bring signficiant change to the public perception of manufacturing in our state;

THEREFORE, I, Bruce Rauner, Governor of the State of Illinois, do hereby procliam October 2017 as MANUFACTURING MONTH in Illinois to encourage local collaborative efforts be designed to expand knowledge about and improve general perception of manufacturing careers and manufacturing’s value to the Illinois economy, and urge all school districts, community colleges, and manufacturers in Illinois to invest time and resources to celebrate the contributions manufacturers make to the facbric of our state’s communities and assure continued success of local events highlighting Manufacturing Month in Illinois.