FDA Opens Comments Until September 21 On Continuous Manufacturing

Believe it or not, the government wants to hear from drug manufacturers about continuous manufacturing (CM) – but only through September 21, 2017.

That’s what the FDA’s Dr. Michael Kopka said today on the Federal Drug Administration’s blog: 

Today, a new and exciting technology – continuous manufacturing (CM) – can truly transform the drug manufacturing process so that it is more reliable and efficient. We discussed in a previous blog how CM enables a much faster and more reliable manufacturing process. In some cases, manufacturing that takes a month to complete with older technology — often called “batch” technology — might only take days using CM. FDA is seeking input, through a public docket open until September 21, from experts in the field about the science, technology, and best practices concerning CM.

He explains:

As with any new technology, implementing CM presents challenges, such as the initial cost of investing in new equipment. However, the CM production method offers clear benefits for both patients and industry. CM can shorten production times and improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process. CM also allows for more nimble testing and control that can help reduce the likelihood of manufacturing failures. These control strategies could potentially contribute to the prevention of drug shortages. CM technology can be implemented for an entire production process, or for specific operations within the process. Manufacturers can tailor their use of CM based on their particular product and business needs.

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