CRW Finishing Celebrates 40 Years

ADDISON, IL – CRW Finishing, Inc. is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a leading Metal Finisher specializing in advanced finishing processes. In an era when companies come and go, CRW Finishing has achieved four decades of innovation and steady growth.

In 1977, three young entrepreneurs, Calbeck, Rodriguez, and Wysocki opened a small machine shop.  By 1979, the company’s founder and president, Charles Calbeck Sr., bought out his partners and continued operations under the name Concentric Reliable Works, Inc.  Since then, business has naturally evolved to what they are today – a premier provider of metal finishing services, equipment, and supplies.

Today, CRW Finishing, Inc. utilizes some of the most advanced finishing equipment and process techniques available for deburring, shot blasting, and parts washing services and equipment.  Their experts will guide you through even the most involved projects, including 3D printed parts, medical devices, and all your parts with critical dimensions – using their drag finishing, barrel finishing and centrifugal disk machines.

CRW’s continual investment in supply, equipment, and service improvements reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, robust solutions for metal finishing needs.

CRW’s team of dedicated professionals with their customer first and forward-thinking attitude, have greatly contributed to the success and longevity of the company.  Many have worked for decades alongside Chuck, and are proud to have been a critical part of something special and unique.