Chicagoland Mayoral Candidates reveal their manufacturing agenda

Results from TMA’s 2021 Municipal Candidate Questionnaires

The Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) today released the results from their 2021 Municipal Questionnaires. In total, 28 mayoral candidates from throughout Chicagoland completed and returned questionnaires.

“Our local leaders have more of an impact on their communities than any politician in Springfield or Washington, D.C. That’s why TMA surveyed mayoral candidates throughout Chicagoland to learn of their positions related to manufacturing and whether they were pursuing business-friendly policies,” explained Steve Rauschenberger, President of TMA.

Candidates were asked their positions on ten key issues affecting manufacturers in their community. They were given the opportunity to explain why they were running and what they hoped to accomplish if elected. They were also able to list any local manufacturers supporting their candidacy and answer why all manufacturers should support them.

Rauschenberger concluded: “Manufacturers in Illinois have to face some of the toughest headwinds in the country due to bad policies coming out of Springfield, especially back-breaking taxes and onerous regulations. That’s why it’s heartening to see so much support for our manufacturers at the local level. Manufacturers are leading the effort to bring our economy back from this pandemic, and they need their local leaders to have their back.”

A summary of the results can be seen in the attached graphic. Full results, as well as each candidate’s completed questionnaire, can be viewed on