Chicago metro manufacturers strengthen partnership with area mayors

SCHAUMBURG – Over 30 mayors from the Chicago metro area heard from area manufacturers Tuesday morning how their industry is crucial to local healthy communities and strong municipal finances.

Atlas Tool Works’ CAO Zach Mottl listed the benefits manufacturers bring to local communities.

“In addition to contributing to the local community’s unique identity and being involved locally, manufacturers help to build a sense of community. The jobs they provide sustain healthy families, which, in turn, result in healthy communities,” Zach Mottl, CAO of Atlas Tool Works and chairman of TMA’s Government Relations Committee told the mayors.

Manufacturers carry a substantial load of property tax base, and choose to be involved in their local communities.

“Manufacturing owners are an integral part of their communities and cognizant of how their decisions may impact their neighbors. They also tend to be involved in the community,” Mottl said. “For instance, they may participate in community projects, donate to charity events, or contribute to local non-profit organizations.”

On the other hand, manufacturers struggle with how the tax system is structured and how regulations impact their businesses. They desire support and understanding of these challenges from those making decisions that affect their businesses.

TMA President Steve Rauschenberger share facts and figures concerning Illinois manufacturing:

  • $103.75 Billion is the state’s total manufacturing output
  • 12.6% is manufacturing’s share of the total gross state product
  • 12,456 is the number of manufacturing firms in Illinois
  • 572,700 is the number of manufacturing jobs in Illinois
  • 9.5% is manufacturing’s share of the state’s non-farm employment
  • $85,087 is the average annual compensation for Illinois manufacturing jobs

Rauschenberger asked the mayors and city managers to amplify their message to their locality leadership, school administrators and state and federal lawmakers.

Zach Mottl at TMA