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7 Traits of the Millennial Generation

The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte recently released
a study showing that nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs
will likely need to be filled in the United States over the
next decade

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TMA 2023 Board Chairman Nicole Wolter

Nicole Wolter, TMA’s 2023 Board Chairman, is a significant mixture of internet influence, industry promotion, and boardroom power wielding. With a degree in chemical engineering, Wolter worked for a commodities firm before joining HM Manufacturing in 2009.

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Preparing the Next Generation of Manufacturing Professionals

The manufacturing industry has long sounded the alarm about the “The Grey Tsunami” that is sweeping away skilled, experienced, and valuable manufacturing professionals. The question is – where will the next generation of manufacturers come from and how will they be trained?

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TMA Members connect with State Lawmakers

SCHAUMBURG – State lawmakers are urging TMA members to invite them to tour their businesses, and TMA members are obliging.

“Invite your state lawmakers to visit your companies,” said State Rep. Dan Ugaste of Geneva, IL, during TMA’s Legislator Connect virtual briefing in mid-March.

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