Businesses, farmers, employers to IL GA: Remove Progressive Tax Amendment from November ballot

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Tuesday, the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA), an association of nearly 700 manufacturers with more than 30,000 employees in the greater Chicago region, joined 10 other organizations representing small businesses, employers, farmers and taxpayers across Illinois in calling on the Illinois General Assembly to vote to remove the Progressive Tax Amendment (SJRCA 1) from voters’ ballots in the upcoming fall General Election.

The General Assembly can lawfully remove this amendment by a simple majority vote of both chambers, and they are meeting for a special session beginning Wednesday, May 20th.

TMA President Steve Rauschenberger said, “Our Illinois economy was in rough shape before the COVID-19 pandemic, but now times are even more difficult for our manufacturers and their employees. If manufacturing continues to struggle, the whole state’s economy will crumble.

“Manufacturers could not afford this massive tax hike before the pandemic and now, it could be the death knell for thousands of our makers and doers throughout our state. Members of the General Assembly, Illinois’ manufacturing community is urging you to vote to remove SJRCA 1.”

The letter: