Building the Perfect 21st Century Worker

More and more economic reports are pointing to a slowdown in manufacturing at a time when the gates are wide open for expansion unlike any other time in recent history.

Why are manufacturers being forced to take their foot off the gas? The widening skills gap so prominent among potential employees.

It’s time for revolution in the education system, says writer Rachael Stephens in an important piece called “Building the Perfect 21st Century Worker.” 

“Up to 60% of jobs could have one-third of their tasks automated—meaning those jobs will require different skills—but only 5% of jobs could be automated entirely,” Stephens writes.

Her answer for the current workforce crisis is changing the education system to focus on “upskilling.”

“But before we can change the way we teach and learn, we need to ask exactly what skills we need to be teaching and learning—and those skills need to encourage flexible, adaptive learning and career-long skill development,” she writes.

Here’s a Third Way diagram of the skills people need to compete in the digital economy:

Read this important piece on the Third Way website HERE.