COVID-19 Update: Auto industry groups ask Congress for help

From IndustryWeek:

The leaders of three trade groups representing automakers, car dealers, and motor manufacturers sent a letter to Congress March 23. In it, the leaders of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, the National Automobile Dealers Association, and the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association said that the COVID-19 outbreak poses a grave threat to the United States automotive sector and asking for assistance.

“Stalling sales and halted production threatens a vast network of businesses in every state,” the letter says, noting that a weakened auto sector also impacts suppliers, dealers and other businesses. According to the letter writers, the U.S. auto industry currently accounts for $2 trillion in economic output and about 10 million jobs. A chart accompanying the letter shows that, of 44 assembly plants in the United States, 42 are currently on suspended or stopped production.

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