Airbus foresees $4.6T for commercial aircraft services over next 20 years

Tuesday, France-based Airbus stunned manufacturing industry observers when it released a prediction of a $4.6 trillion worldwide market for commercial aircraft services over the next 20 years. The new analysis is based on a three-way market segmentation, respectively focusing on the aircraft, the airline operation, and the passenger experience.

Airbus estimates the following to be spent on aircraft services worldwide between 2018 and 2037:

  • $2.2 trillion on aircraft maintenance, spares pool access, tooling, technical training and system upgrades.
  • $1.5 trillion on flight operations services – such as pilot training and flight-planning solutions. Fleets are expected to more than double to 48,000 aircrafts, demanding 540,000 new pilots.
  • $0.9 trillion on services needed to optimize the flight experience, including cabin upgrades, cabin crew training, in-flight-entertainment, connectivity and booking.

Airbus’ July 17th press release in its entirety HERE

Likely to have affected that mind-boggling estimate  Airbus announced Monday a deal valued at $9.2 billion:

  • $6 billion agreed between StarLux Airlines, based in Taiwan, and Airbus with the Taiwanese startup confirming plans to purchase 12 A350-1000 aircrafts in addition to five smaller A350-900s.
  • $3.2 billion with Shichuan Airlines, which will acquire 10 widebody planes with each A350-900 set to cost approximately $317.4 million.

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