A Word From TMA President Steve Rauschenberger

TMA membership doesn’t cost, it pays! Big talk, huh?

Perhaps, but ask anyone of the 45 companies that are a part of our TMA 401K Trust. They saved an average of more than $10,000.00 last year alone over operating a stand alone 401K. Saving $10,000 a year makes TMA dues seem pretty affordable. One recent new addition to our Trust will save about $38,000 in their first year.

Or take the recent case of a TMA member company that allowed our D&H Property and Casualty team to review their insurance. We found that their current carrier had misclassified a number of employees. As a result, the first year’s savings on workers compensation insurance was over $20,000.00. In fact they may also be able to claim a refund for the past two years because of the misclass.

Or ask the more than 275 TMA members that earn additional savings on their Grainger purchases simply by registering their account through TMA. Annual savings to those members, just over $600/year.

Group health insurance benefits have been a nightmare these last five years, thanks to our friends in Washington, but more than 185 TMA member companies have TMA Health Solutions © on their side, fighting for lower premiums, fair claims service, and benefit plans that help retain employees.

TMA is the only trade organization that we know of in the United States that owns its own insurance agency. YOU – the members – own the agency. So, where should you be getting your insurance from? You can either build the Lake Geneva home for a broker, or help build your industry. All the net proceeds from TMA Health Solutions © are used to keep dues low and training and education affordable.

From the Yellow Freight discount program to the Sedgwick Unemployment Defense service, TMA works hard to give our members “big” company buying power and benefits. You do not have to take my word for it. Call us and we’ll give you the names of TMA members you can talk to about these programs and savings. But it isn’t easy.

Just like all of the work you do to make your company more competitive, reviewing these programs will take time and effort. I promise you though, if you gives the time, we will help you save money and make your company stronger.

For more information, call TMA or check out the September 2017 News Bulletin