8 technologies that will transform manufacturing

Robotics and Automation News listed eight technologies that are about to change manufacturing as we know it. They found those new developments listed in the Smart Manufacturing report released by ABIResearch earlier this week.

The eight transformative technologies the report highlights are:

  1. Additive manufacturing
  2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  3. Augmented reality
  4. Blockchain
  5. Digital twins
  6. Edge intelligence
  7. Industrial Internet of Things platforms
  8. Robotics

The manufacturing sector has already seen increased adoption of IIoT platforms and edge intelligence, says ABI. 

Over the next ten years, manufacturers will start to piece together the other new technologies that will eventually lead to more dynamic factories less dependent on fixed assembly lines and immobile assets. Each step in this transformation will make plants and their workers more productive.

More on the technologies and the mentioned report HERE.