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Meet TMA Staff: Cori D’Onofrio

TMA Media December 10, 2018

Cori D’Onofrio joined TMA’s Member Engagement Department earlier this year as Event Coordinator.

Cori D’Onofrio

TMA News Bulletin asked Cori to answer a few questions:

Q: If you could have only one superpower, what would it be?
A: Invisibility would be awesome.

Q: What was your favorite TV show when growing up?
A: Full House for sure. “You got it, dude!”

Q: What hidden talent do you have that most people at TMA don’t know you have?
A: I am pretty good at badminton, I placed 8th in the state a while back.

Q: When did you accept a dare that you later regretted?
A: Eating a spoonful of cinnamon was a terrible idea.

Q: What’s your favorite task at TMA?
A: I love our events! From the planning stages to the actual events. Our members are some awesome people!

Contact Cori at 847-282-4714 or [email protected]