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US manufacturing numbers still linger behind China despite surge

TMA Media July 16, 2018

The United States’ manufacturing sector is resurging as the industry’s output and workforce numbers grow once again.

Brookings Institute recently conducted a study comparing the United States’ manufacturing numbers to other countries, finding that though the U.S. numbers are mounting, they still lag behind China on manufacturing output, national output percentage and global manufacturing.

The United States’ latest manufacturing output showed them at less than $2 Trillion, while China’ was slightly more than $2 Trillion. The percentage of China’s national manufacturing output was 27%, while the U.S.’ is only 12%. And the percent of global manufacturing China commands is 20%, while the U.S. is 18%.

Brookings’ chart showed in comparison to the top five nations:

And while China and the U.S. are doing the yeomen’s job of manufacturing, neither are in the top five countries where manufacturing commands a substantial number of their citizens’ employment. Poland, followed by Germany and Italy claimed that notoriety.

One out of five persons in Poland work in manufacturing, while a little less than that is the norm in Germany.

See Brookings chart below:

Find out how dedicated the countries are to manufacturing by reviewing the Brookings Institute’s charts HERE.