10 Manufacturing Trends predicted for 2019

Running as lean and fast as they can to capitalize on every growth opportunity in 2018, manufacturers are taking bold steps to digitally transform operations in 2019.

According to a recent survey of 151 North American manufacturers conducted by Decision Analyst on behalf of IQMS, technologies that bring greater insights and mobility are at the top of the list for enabling their transformation. These include real-time monitoring, analytics, business intelligence (BI), mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP), and quality management applications. Notably, the manufacturers that already are orchestrating these technologies in response to long-standing challenges, are growing at least 10 percent faster than their peers.

Manufacturers participating in the survey shared, not only about what they’re doing today, but also their plans for the coming year. These priorities were also reflected in interviews conducted at manufacturers’ facilities in the last few months. Based on combined observations from these companies, following are ten manufacturing technology predictions for 2019.

What are the developments being predicted for manufacturing in 2019?

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